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German style cabinets are all about "less is more." These designs are an understated look that's all about clean lines and uncomplicated, practical design. Modern German cabinet systems are usually completely smooth, integrated LED and electronic accessories, and offers overlay doors and drawer fronts that utilize a full-access, frameless construction.

Frameless kitchen cabinets are those sleek, ultra-modern styles that have no surface face frames, with doors and drawers that fit snugly against the cabinet carcasses. They offer a very smooth, clean look that is ideal for modern and extremely practical decors.  And, because they use of hidden hinges, are commonly referred to as “Euro-style.”


German designs maximize space, but appear minimalistic; with no moldings, decorative trims, carvings, or raised panels.  As a result, even a small kitchen design can appear more spacious with flat, seamless, streamlined designs, often with a wood or a high-gloss finish.


In contrast, the typical American home has always had more space than residences in the UK, Italy and Germany, so German designers have traditionally worked with efficiency at the heart of their work. Of course, Germany has always been a place where beautiful design, precision and functionality have gone hand-in-hand, so efficient use of space has never meant compromising on beauty.

KilLAND’s designers are specifically trained in German kitchen cabinet systems and know how to integrate their components into a design. These systems are precise and detailed; in fact, our installation team had to be certified to install their products.  From concept to completion, our skilled professionals know, “It’s all about your home.”

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"This sleek and modern German kitchen offers custom low profile, easy-touch cabinets perfect for modern living. It's vast island provides ample storage and cook space and will be the meeting hub of all social events." 

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"Get creative with colored kitchen elements that express your personality without compromising practicality. Low profile under-cabinet lighting provides easy visibility at the workspace."

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"Small floorplans are no issue for German-engineered kitchens. Intellectually integrated add-ons provide an open concept while still giving you the flexibility of design and optimized living space."

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"Perfect for the modern minimalist, this German cabinet design features matte black fronts with a slightly metallic shimmer set on a warm wood backdrop complete with an elevated bar top for quick morning meals."

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Our designers meticulously create a modern European kitchen specifically to your lifestyle.  Because these cabinets are so precise and integrates cabinetry detail, electrical, LED components and appliances into the entire framework of the design, you actually are getting a complete kitchen system.  Each component works in harmony with the way you expect a kitchen to function.

For inspiration, please visit our cabinetry vendors to see their selections of product styles, materials, finishes, hinges and glide systems, and their full range of colors by clicking on their links below:

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