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Accessories & Hardware

From sleek and chic to distressed, choosing the best finish for your cabinet hardware is simple at KiLAND. If your décor has a farmhouse, vintage, or country vibe, antique bronze kitchen cabinet handles might be just what you're looking for. Modern décor looks best with simply shaped, brushed nickel kitchen knobs. If a luxurious look is more your style, select crystal, brass, or ornate kitchen door knobs to add that touch of elegance. 

Drawer slides are the unsung heroes of cabinet hardware. It isn't until that drawer groans or is tough to move that you realize it's time for an upgrade. KiLAND offers smooth-as-butter drawer slides that are easy to install. Some can even help fingers from being pinched. They're a definite must-have for anyone with children or who has ever had a drawer close on their fingers.

Just like drawer slides, kitchen cabinet hinges are the cabinet hardware most people don't think much about until something goes wrong. Fortunately, this makes it the perfect time to upgrade. From hidden to decorative, it's easy to find hinges which will have your cabinet doors swinging smoothly and quietly. There are even soft-closing hinges that prevent the doors from being slammed.

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