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KiLAND Design Center showcases Viking’s line of appliance products in all of our showroom displays.  KiLAND’s philosophy is to align with luxury components and Viking embodies the type of style consistent with our range of high-end European and American cabinet systems. 

Viking originated the ultra-premium commercial-type appliances for the home and is responsible for creating a whole new category of home appliances. Committed to innovative product design, unrivaled performance and peerless quality, Viking appliances are recognized globally as the foremost brand in the high-end appliance industry. 

Viking’s industry-leading innovations set the American standard for the modern luxury kitchen. From cooking and ventilation to refrigeration and cleanup, Viking delivers professional performance and stunning design. Their products have become the standard for both elite chefs and discriminating designers alike.

KiLAND and Viking have teamed up to provide our customers with a special offer when you purchase a system through our showroom.  For details, visit our showroom and ask one of our design specialists for information.


"Enjoy the quality of a commercial grade kitchen in your own home. This innovative kitchen set covers all of your needs and more."

Call to Learn More (408) 213-0996


"Building on the popular 7 Series line, this combination of beautiful copper-toned accents and contemporary cast black finish truly results in a design statement that is Rose Gold."

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"Six Elevation Brass Burners, a Reversible Cast Iron Grill and the Revolutionary Infrared Broiler set the stage for many dinners to come. Holiday cooking will never be the same!"

Call to Learn More (408) 213-0996

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"Featuring the Best Selling and brilliantly engineered  Double-Stacked French Door Oven. Superior Power at arm's reach."

Call to Learn More (408) 213-0996

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"Sleek inset Steam and Convection Oven Combination features touch navigation and an array of cooking settings.

Call to Learn More (408) 213-0996

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