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In comparison to European kitchens, American kitchens are traditionally larger and more spacious.  As a result, American cabinet manufacturers have a renowned reputation for craftsmanship and building cabinets that meet our lifestyle.  Known for their use of wood species and bold finishes, American craftsmanship is popular throughout the world. They have revolutionized traditional US kitchens to accommodate larger appliances, to provide for larger cooking and preparation areas and a space for large gatherings.


KiLAND’S specially selected vendors have decades of experience to build an impeccable track record for high quality and custom cabinet designs. European residential designs are typically challenged with less space.  Because of this, American vendors showcase their craft and consider their cabinet systems as furniture décor.


KiLAND’s design specialists are trained specifically in American cabinetry and can help you navigate the million options that are possible to bring your dream kitchen system into reality.


Planning on a home renovation or a remodel?  We encourage you to bring your napkin drawings or just talk about your ideas, and let our designers show you what is possible. They can take your concept, show you a 3D image of what it may look like, sequence out the project and coordinate with your builder. There is no job too small or too large that they cannot handle.

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"This American cottage style kitchen is the perfect union of traditional and modern style. It features an abundance of alluring accessories that will give your home an authentic appearance and cozy atmosphere."


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"Natural wood shiplap hood and rich blueberry cabinets create a coastal feel in this Mediterranean inspired American Kitchen. The complimentary island provides additional workspace and a dine-in bar."

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"Beautifully subdued Macadamia finished cabinets brighten this American kitchen and provide ample storage for even the largest of families. The ornately designed custom island is unequivocally the focal point of this kitchen."

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"This tastefully designed multi-colored cabinet system offers a fresh take on the American Farmhouse aesthetic. Floating shelves, a built-in pantry and dual-leveled island effortlessly provide practicality and design."

We offer cost-effective, high-quality, custom American kitchen or bathroom cabinet systems designed to your specifications.  Our vendors literally give you over a million options, whether it is a specific material, color, finish, accessories or accent hardware, KiLAND's designers will customize your order to your exact specifications.  American cabinet systems allow you to add almost any feature that you can imagine  There is an infinite number of possibilities.

For inspiration, please visit our cabinetry vendors to see their selections of product styles, materials, finishes, hinges and glide systems, and their full range of colors by clicking on their links below:

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